We hope you will support the many wonderful artisans (40 of them in total) and the authors (31 of them in total)

participating in the Comité Noviembre National Puerto Rican Virtual Artisans Fair & Book Expo.

Please visit each participants' page, click on every image and link, shop their products, and share with friends!

Don't forget to also check out the Comité Noviembre Official Merchandise as well,

this website will allow you to shop through November 2021!

Alfonso Trenche, Puerto Rico

Alli Arocho, Utah

Alma Digna, New York

Carlos Alberto Laster, Puerto Rico

Carlos J. Nieves, Florida

Carlos L. Camacho, Puerto Rico

Carmen Vazquez, Puerto Rico

Cathy Beauchamp, New York

Cindy Ramírez Stark, Puerto Rico

Doris Cordero, New York

Edwin Camacho Rivera, New York

Esperanza Martell, New York

Eva Pérez, Puerto Rico 

Felipe Rangel, New York

Gladys Rosas-LaFrossia, New York

Héctor V. Cotza, New York

Jayson Chévere, New York

Julio Rodriguez, New York

Karla Morales, Puerto Rico 

Laura Echegaray, California  

Leenda Bonilla, New York

Lena de Sol Langaigne, California

Lucy Aponte, New York

Luis A. Pagán, New York

Luis Cordero Santoni, New York

Maribelle Campa, Puerto Rico

Marshalla Ramos-Inde, New York

Marta I. Rodríguez Olmeda, New York

Marta Medina, New York      .

Mayra Falcón, Puerto Rico

Migdalia Galarza, Illinois      

Milagros M. Ortiz, Puerto Rico 

Mildred V. Lorenzo Caro, Puerto Rico

Nanette Sanchez-Velasquez, New York

Norma Gómez Rodriguez, Puerto Rico

Olga Ayala, New York

Olga Costa, Puerto Rico  

Pablo Maysonet, Puerto Rico

Rafael "Rafy" Velez, Jr., New York

Saviana Arts, New York

Tania Sanchez López, North Carolina

Teddy Vázquez, Puerto Rico

Meet our artisans and authors at a glance!

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