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Comité Noviembre's 2022 theme, “Fewer Words. More Action. Enough is Enough! Equality & Justice for Puerto Rico Now!”, is a clear call to action to all Puerto Ricans but especially to the Diaspora around the world, who have the power to affect change.  Enough of the rhetoric, enough of the broken promises, enough of the second-class citizen treatment. It is time to leave our egos at the door and, as one unified nation, demand action. Obtain equal SSI benefits for all Puerto Ricans, abolish the archaic Jones Act, stop the selling of our protected lands to developers, give Puerto Ricans a real opportunity to buy their homes, and not sell to bitcoin billionaires who don’t care or
respect us or our country.

Artist Ismael Carrasquillo states: “This year’s theme “Less Talk, More Action…..Enough is Enough, Equality and Justice for Puerto Rico Now!", brought back memories of the Movements of the 60’s and 70’s for social change. I remember the Young Lords taking to the streets to bring food to children, medical care to the sick and cleaning the streets which the city had neglected, that’s where social change happened.  Of course, there were other social change pioneers like Evelina Antonetty who championed bi-lingual education. Teresa Ortiz Fernandez who successfully sued the Board of Elections to have voter’s information in Spanish. We have a rich history of many heroes and activists dating back to our national hero Albizu Campos. Today we have a new generation of heroes and activists that continue the fight to make a difference and create change. This was my inspiration for the poster. The fight is not over, Despierta Boricua!"

To learn more about the poster artist, Ismael Carrasquillo, click here.


By purchasing Comité Noviembre Official Merchandise and donating to Comité Noviembre you will be supporting the Comité Noviembre Scholarship Awards Program.  To order any of the items below, please download order forms and email Teresa A. Santiago directly. To donate to a specific scholarship visit Comité Noviembre

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POSTER IMAGES from 1987 – 2022

available for purchase:

   $5.00  Each poster image is 8x11  

 $20.00   Framed 11x14

$135.00  Complete collection (31 images unframed)


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For more information contact:

Teresa A. Santiago

(914) 263-6599

We thank you for your support of our Artisans and Authors who give of their talents to preserve, cultivate and highlight the best of our Puerto Rican culture through their work.  Please reach out to them over the holidays and throughout the year to share some special gifts with your family and friends.
Thanks again and Happy Holidays!!!!!

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