Comité Noviembre's 2021 theme, Puerto Rico Indestructible, seeks to convey that although Puerto Ricans have gone through an economic downfall, the devastation of Hurricane Maria, multiple earthquakes, and a worldwide pandemic we are still here! Standing proud, resilient, defiant, and powerful, doing everything we can to assist our fellow Puerto Ricans whether here or on the island.  That we are taking our destiny in our hands and in that moment of chaos we must believe that anything is possible and together united we will achieve “no podran destruir nuestra fe, poder, somos indestructible.

Artist Sara Morales states, “I envision a poster that artistically shows the movement of a hurricane, earthquake and pandemic as a whirlwind of sorts moving towards a powerful image of our people and their resilience and power, to the change that must happen in this country to achieve respect, equality and justice for all people of color but specifically the 8 million Puerto Ricans that live on the island and the United States. It demands action from the Diaspora. Each one of us needs to be fully engaged and active in demanding and achieving justice for Puerto Rico.” To learn more about the poster artist, Sara Morales, click here.


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POSTER IMAGES from 1987 – 2017

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