Laura Echegaray

“As a child, my mother's and grandmother's stories of how back in the 1920's there were no zafacones (trashcans) and Boricuas repurposed everything, awakened my senses to the possibilities in all sort of discarded items around me. My father’s home art studio encouraged continued experimentation and expression. Six years at University of Puerto Rico's school of architecture, made me focus on cardboard and

paper as a building material and into more tridimensional forms of art.


As an artist, I gravitate to vibrant saturated color and visual texture, which

is abundant in all kinds of packaging and  advertisement. I feel connected

to my family's wisdom when I repurpose them into something practical

and beautiful. My work promotes awareness about how much we consume and waste every day.  I'm stimulated when I can inspire others to look around with renewed curiosity and maybe discover solutions

for today’s many challenges.”

Laura Echegaray shows you how to make recycled paper finger puppets.